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Happy Art


Happy Art is a fun way to include lively, original artwork in your home. Each picture can be tailored to fit your decorating needs. We offer a few standard hue changes, or you can request a custom shade. Or, order more than one for a fun, multi-colored effect!

Catherine Lea Gallery
Cottages, Farms, and Villas


A collection of exterior scenes from far and near, some in the US and some from Europe.

House, farm, villa, terrace, sunbathers, old homes, historic homes.

Animals and Landscapes


From the pets you love to the members of the barnyard; an array of our favorite creatures.

Seascapes and Boating Life


Scenes from local beaches around Wilmington, NC to waterfront around the world. Beach scenes, sea creatures, fish.

Nature and Still Life


More classical stylistically, this collection features fruits, flowers, and other close up views of nature.

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