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The Story of "Happy Art"

One afternoon a few years ago, a fellow artist and friend, Peggy, came to my backyard studio to take some photos for me, and commented on an unfinished canvas I had leaning against the wall. It was a composition of shorn sheep looking at the camera, and I had blocked it out with shades of aqua and green, planning to paint over it eventually. Peggy said "Stop! don't do anything else, it's finished." So I followed her advice to enlarge it but keep it in its simple form, and then, "Bare Naked Ladies" became my first piece of "Happy Art".


"Bare Naked Ladies", the first piece of Happy Art.

From there, the collection grew to include other farm animals and sea turtles, all created with the idea of making simple but strong drawings, with bold blocks of bright colors. It is art that make me "happy" and hopefully you too.


The originals stand on their own as cheerful works of art, but we started getting creative on the computer and adjusting hues, and mixing and matching different hues of the same painting. The result is a group of paintings you can buy alone or as a series. You can even mix and match different animals. And we can offer custom sizes and hues, to suit your specific needs.



I think these colorful compositions work great anywhere, but especially childrens' rooms, vacation homes, and even commercial offices or medical offices that need some cheering up.


See the complete Happy Art Collection

A "Three Little Pigs" collage looks good anywhere!

Happy Art can brighten up a plain waiting area.

Sweet dreams come easily surrounded by these happy friends.

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